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Класически диамантени обеци


Rhodium-plated matte silver: rhodium-plated surface. The rhodium is applied using an electroplating process to prevent the piece from rusting. Avoid scrapes and scratches, as the plating is applied only to the surface of the piece. Clean with water, pH-neutral soap and a small brush. 24 K gold-plated matte metal: 24 K gold-plated surface. Product Link
  • Метал – Бяло злато 18Крт
  • Закопчалки – система Secure Disc Backings
  • Вид скъпоценен камък – Диамант
  • Тотал карати на скупоценни камъни – 0.71Крт
  • Форма на диамантите – Round Brilliant Cut

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