A personalized ring buying experience from beginning to end.

We’ve reimagined each and every step of the ring buying process, starting with thoughtful service that makes it easier for you.


You haven't done this before?

Choosing the right romantic setting for a proposal could be a daunting task, but not if you plan it together with you personal concierge. Make the occasion sparkle like a gem stone.

Beautiful diamonds,
without the mines

Our beautiful diamonds have an equally beautiful story to tell. Each lab-grown stone has the same chemical composition as a mined diamond, down to the atom. It’s an ethical, sustainable, and 100% conflict free way to own a brilliant diamond without compromising on quality.

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Inspired by timeless love,
we create fine jewelry to share our wonderful tales…


beautiful long earrings with opal and carnelian earrings are light in weight.

2020 / April